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Cocktail Menu

Less Than Greater Than Classics


Old Fashioned (1888) – 12

Rye, Turbinado, Angostura, Orange Bitters 

Margarita (1938)13

Blanco Tequila, Curacao, Lime

Avenue (1937) – 13

Bourbon, Calvados, Lemon, Grenadine, Passion, Orange Flower

Sherry Cobbler  (1830) – 12

Sherry, Ramazzotti Rosato, Blueberry Syrup, Citric Acid 

Daiquiri (1914) – 13

Martinique Rhum Agricole, Lime, Simple


Less Than Greater Than Originals

Turtles Of The Assabet – 13

Bermuda Dark Rum, Overproof Rum, Lime, Coconut Cream, Ginger Beer

Disgruntled Pelican- 12

Agricole Rum, Lucano, Persimmon Liqueur, Overproof Rum, Turbinado, Salt

Burb Of Paradise – 14

Mezcal, Tequila, Lime Acid Orange, Campari, Mango, Pineapple, Salt

Luxxx Naz-T – 13

Gin, Grapefruit, Aperitivo, Peche, Lemon

Distinguished Squirrel Spritz 13

Gin, Aperol, Watermelon, Basil, Grapefruit, Lime Acid Orange, Soda

Spirits and Cream Cocktails14

A frozen cocktail that you eat with a spoon

Dark & StormyIce Cream Base, Dark Rum, Ginger, Lime Rum

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Base, Peanut Butter Whiskey, Peanut Butter Sauce, Chocolate 

White Russian – Ice Cream Base, Coffee Liqueur, Vodka

Frozen Old Fashioned – Ice Cream base, Bourbon, Orange Bitters, Angostura Bitters

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